Spade Bits

Spade Bits

The SPEEDBOR® Spade Bits blue-groove point and cutting edge allow for 4x faster* drilling in woodworking applications. That speed is balanced by double cutting spurs, which scribe the outside of each hole and reduce breakout. With a 40% thicker blade**, this bit is designed for people who like to get it right the first time.


Thicker Blade**




Larger Shank**

Why It Matters

Speedbor Spade Bits


See what sets IRWIN Speedbor Spade Bits apart from the rest.



Blue groove point & cutting edge works faster than ever.


Thicker Blade**

Works overtime all the time

Grooved Hex Shank

Slip-resistant grooves for a greater grip

Double Cutting Spurs

Big-time breakout reduction

* Compared to standard IRWIN Classic Spade Bits.
** Compared to previous IRWIN design.

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