Bar Clamp

Heavy-Duty One‑Handed Bar Clamp

Bar Clamp

Heavy-Duty One‑Handed Bar Clamp

Sometimes, all you need to get the job done is one hand. The IRWIN QUICK‑GRIP® Heavy‑Duty One‑Handed Bar Clamp is a top-performing one‑handed bar clamp, perfect for installation, demolition, or rough glue up. This clamp comes with the fit, features, and firm pressure that’s strong enough for any clamping job. Whether it’s a small side project or large‑scale woodworking, the QUICK‑GRIP® Heavy‑Duty One‑Handed Bar Clamp has you covered.

up to 600LB

of Pressure



Evenly distributes force


These clamps aren’t just strong.

They’re Let’s‑Drive‑A‑Truck‑On‑‘Em strong.

Why It Matters

Bar Clamp

Why It Matters

See what sets IRWIN Bar Clamp apart from the rest

Up To 600LB of Pressure

For sustained clamping pressure during heavy-duty applications


Grip design and Quick-Release trigger allow simple, one-handed operation


Dual removable swivel jaws and non-marring pads evenly distribute powerful clamping force


Heat-treated, black oxide carbon steel I-beam bar supports added pressure with less bend and flex

Shop Talk

"I recently lost and broke several Quick Grip Bar Clamp pads. I checked the stores and could not find any. I found them on your website and placed and order through customer service. I received them within a few days without charge. That is excellent customer service. Keep it up! I’ll continue to buy Irwin Tools, customer service is important to me."

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