Circular Saw Blades

Circular Saw Blades

Keep your cool and keep on cutting even in the toughest conditions. The MARATHON® Circular Saw Blade is cut out for speed and durability. It’s exclusive every other tooth grind helps the blade cut fast and provide a smooth finish. Construction carbide teeth make sure your blade won’t quit.

Why It Matters

MARATHON® Circular Saw Blades


See what sets IRWIN Marathon CirSaw apart from the rest.

Every other tooth grind

Every other tooth is ground thinner for faster cuts

Thicker Plate Design

Better tracking, less vibration, and resists wandering like thin plate blades

Reinforced shoulder

For durability and impact resistance

Body slots

Dissipates heat for longer life

Shop Talk

"It is the best saw blade for the money, lasts long and is very durable. I recommend it, we use it for everything from demo to finish work. Thanks IRWIN."

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